3753% Tørdal (NO)

3753% Tordal is crossover company making art, design and all projects in between. Hilde & Bård Tørdal are the artists and designers behind 3753% Tørdal.

Their latest project is a small frightened robot hiding in a cardboard box. Most of the time it sits quietly under its box, but at intervals it pops up and start searching for a new and better place to hide. Papp has a customizable cardboard skin and a software architecture that makes it easy to program the character, change its personality and behaviour.

Some of the best character designers of our days from around the world have customized PAPP with their design. Motomichi Nakamura, eBoy, Michel Diniz De Carvalho, Akinori Oishi, Little Friends of Printmaking, Luke Ramsey, Ian Stevenson and Christine Wong are some of the contributors to the project.


Robot Papp
Kids will get to decorate Papp and see their own creations on the robots and together with the artists they will make a cardboard world for Papp to explore.