3rd edition of the KidsPatch Festival!

After the summer presence at the Biennial of the Americas in Denver, as well as the two month long ViceVerse Tour across the USA, KidsPatch presented its new festival edition back home - in Belgrade.

Third Belgrade edition of KidsPatch festival took place on September 18th and 19th 2010, at the Cultural Center Rex. The workshops and additional programs in Belgrade researched the fields of music, digital drawing and stop animation, led by an array of local authors, as well as the Vienna-based OMA Studio, who are also the creators behind the digital drawing system Tagtool.

Through collaboration in groups, play and creation of the complete festival ambience together with the artists, the kids were introduced to contemporary creative means and skills, passing through and getting to know the complete process of creation and presentation of creative content.

The audience had the opportunity to see the results as part of the public programe on Sunday, September 19th: concert, exhibition, premier of the stop animation movie and live digital painting, as well as the costumes and masks from the mini-parade.

This program has been supported by:
Fund for an Open Society
Cultural Department of the City of Belgrade
Austrian Cultural Forum
Ministry of Culture of Republic of Serbia
Cultural Center REX

Partner: Dis-patch festival

The workshop deals with the domain of visual animation and is realized by utilizing the Tagtool system. The children are offered a chance to instantly create a small animated film, as well as to learn about the use of the Tagtool itself.
Third Orchestra
This workshop presented a free approach to music, instruments, the voice and poetry. Kids investigated the process of creating a Roma hip-hop song. In the process of listening and developing the arrangement, emphasis was put on improvisation.
Stop Animation
Through this workshop, the kids had a chance to see and take part in the complete process of creating this type of visual animation.
KidsPatch Parade
Kids had a chance to develop their own mask and costume for the parade specially designed from recycled and other materials. The audience saw them as part of the public program on Sunday, September 19th.