"Boxing" workshop with Cypher13 (USA)

We collaborated with the Cypher13 design studio form Boulder (USA) as part of our special program at the Biennial of the Americas in Denver. It was a blast! July 2010.

This specific design studio is active in the broad fields of graphic, character and industrial design, both through their own artistic projects and professional work for a wide spectrum of clients. The team (Todd Berger, Alex Henry, and Lucian Föhr) is nurturing a distinctive artistic practice, through collaborations, their own exhibitions or contributing works and installations to major events.

Beside producing a special artistic project at the Biennial of the Americas, they are also the creators of the event’s visual identity, and are excited to spend a weekend in the KidsPatch zone, working with the young participants on 2D and 3D creations from paper and associated materials, with a focus on print-making and exciting ways of treating simple materials through drawing, printing or sculpting processes.


Cypher 13 Art Studio
Kids were introduced to various techniques of the artistic process. From drawing, through shape designing, coloring, painting, stencil making or spray painting, the children explored many different media.