For Kids And Adults, BWA Wroclaw (PL)

KidsPatch workshops at the ehxibition FOR KIDS AND ADULTS in gallery Awangarda in Wroclaw.

The exhibition FOR KIDS AND ADULTS deals with the phenomena of play and game, without which one cannot imagine any human community. Play is still associated with the culture of free time, which—in modern societies—is separated from what is productive, and dismissed to what is private and foolish. The social experience of the last decade forces us to look critically at that separation, and to perceive play as an inspiring experience in which we act independently from any social control and individual or group purpose, and through which we can gain space for the longed-for freedom.

Nikos Arvanitis, Hubert Czerepok, Marko Crnobrnja, Marija Đorđević, Petra Feriancova, Karolina Freino, Nenad Jeremić, Alicja Jodko (DWF / Entropia), Vladimir Perić, Vedran Perkov, Joanna Rajkowska, Milorad Stajčić, Katarina Šeda, Janek Simon, Kama Sokolnicka, Predrag Terzić, Miloš Tomić, Vova Vorotniov, Zorka Wollny, Martin Zet

Dušica Dražić, Anna Mitus, Una Popović, Joanna Stembalska

Workshops run by Bojana Petković, Magdalena Kreis and Natalia Romaszkan.

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