KidsPatch at the 1st Biennial of the Americas in Denver

Children's Creativity Lab at the inaugural Biennial of the Americas in Denver (USA), a specially commissioned month-long program with participating artists from both American continents.

KidsPatch, the Belgrade-based “Festival for new children's creativity”, has been presenting guest programs across the USA from April to June 2010. This innovative creativity lab, a mini-festival for kids realized through workshops and public presentations for the youngest ones from the fields of graphic art, performance, music and new media continues to “discover” America - after the two-month ViceVerse tour by Dis-patch and Communikey festivals - through the premier edition of the Biennial of the Americas event held in Denver, (Colorado), from July 1st to 31st.

The Biennial was the first pan-American international event with the idea to bring together and present the cultures and art of both the north and the south American continents. By utilizing various program forms – exhibitions, concerts, performances, roundtable discussions and children's programs – numerous artists, critics and initiatives were presented, giving a new meaning to dealing with sustainability issues in the context of this part of the planet.

The theme of the premier Biennial of the Americas, curated by Mexico City-based Paola Santoscoy, was THE NATURE OF THINGS. It presented 24 artists in an entirely rebuilt public building in the heart of Denver, which has not been used for the past 30 years and has been revitalized specially for this occasion.

On the invitation of the curatorial team of the Biennial, the authors of the KidsPatch concept from Belgrade, Nana Radenković and Relja Bobić, have developed a special program in collaboration with Kate Lesta from Colorado, the Pictoplasma organization from Berlin and the architect studio Tres Birds, designing a special zone intended for kids and their creative expression.


Artists and collectives involved in the program:
Jeronimo Hagerman (MX) www.jeronimohagerman.com
Sweatshoppe (USA) www.sweatshoppe.org
Cypher13 (USA) www.cypher13.com
Humble Arts Collective (USA) http://tinyurl.com/2w837l2

Design of the KidsPatch space