KidsPatch 2013

This year's program was dealing with the activities from the domains of design, contemporary sound, photography and visual arts, and was realized in October in the Cultural Center of Belgrade.

As is the case each autumn, the Belgrade-based initiative for development of creative programs for kids KidsPatch has presented a program of workshops and film projections for the youngest ones.

This year's program, in the form of creative workshops, included the following artists from Serbia and the region: Lukatoyboy, Dulait, Saša Aleksandar, Marija Knežević, Fat Kid Beny, Ivana Miljojković .

Besides the screenings of international selection of animated films from the latest editions of the Animanima Festival, the young participants also had a chance to, in a direct collaboration with artists, create audio-visual postcards from the streets of Belgrade, cook up designed cakes and to try putting otgether their first fashion creations. These activities were presented in three separate workshops - SoundAround, CandyShop and DIYfashion.

Special guests of the festival on the second day were also the kids from the Center for Integration of Youth www.cim.org.rs.

"SoundAround" workshops presents a new KidsPatch production within the European network of festivals dedicated to children's creativity Bamboo, whose aim is to provide support for the production, promotion and distribution of contemporary artistic practices intended for children. The initiator of the projects is the Uovo Kids festival from Milan, while beside KidsPatch this netweork also includes organizations from London (UK), Lyon (France) and Lueven (Belgium).

This year's KidsPatch program is realized realized with the support of Department of Culture of the City of Belgrade, Ministry of Culture and Media of Republic of Serbia, as well as the European program "Culture 2007-2013" thought the Bamboo project.

Within specially developed activities, the children had a chance to discover the specifics of their surrounding and present them through audio-visual postcards. The main aim of the workshop is for the kids to establish and interaction with the aural and visual impressions from the surrounding, by using basic photo and audio equipment. The concept was developed by artists from Serbia and Canada (Lukatoyboy, Saša Aleksandar and Dulait). The workshop is intended for kids from 7 to 12 years of age.
Candy Shop
In this workshop led by a gastronomy expert, the children were able to learn how to prepare baked cookies , smoothies and fruit ice cream. Besides, they encountered fondain, basics of food decoration and moulding shapes from fondain, but also the processes in which some of the basic groceries are made: fruit, honey or cereals. The workshop is intended for kids from 6 to 12 years of age.
DIY Fashion
As part of this October's KidsPatch program, we presented some of the artistic approached which can be used in working with textile. The kids created their first, specially designed fashion applications. Workshop is intended for kids from 6 to 12 years of age.