KidsPatch in Belgrade

This October, KidsPatch showcased its annual autumn program in Belgrade, filled with creative workshops for the youngest ones.

Since 2008, KidsPatch has been regularly organizing an annual mini-festival, which already took place at Cultural Center Rex, Majdan and Children's Cultural Center. In the meantime, the program has been presented in various forms across Europe and USA, as part of festival programs, exhibitions workshops or local cultural centers.

After collaborative workshops as part of the New Era festival in June, the October event featured two special guests - Saša i Nikola Prijić - who used the theme of investigating possible identities in order to utilize various media together with the participants, who visually conceptualized their specific avatars, their new, imaginary and playful physical appearance.

Saša is a multimedia artist and graphic designer who started his own line of hand-painted t-shirts, and other interesting clothing and related products. He creates unique masks and paper objects, while he also gained extensive experience in working with kids in Tokio, where he lived and worked as part of the education system. He realized more than 70 workshops, presenting the children with various media and techniques which are relevant for their specific age. Nikola Prijić, tattoo artists, photographer and illustrator from Belgrade, was already a participant of several activities under the KidsPatch banner, mostly related to character design.

The workshop program was on this occasion intended for children from 7 to 13 years of age, and took place at the G12 HUB Gallery.

This was another autumn in which KidsPatch managed to establish another innovative approach in working with kids, with the participation of artists and professionals from the field of culture. An inspiring, temporal and creative environment was created to host play, creation and collaboration.

This year's program was realized with the support of Ministry of Culture of Serbia.