KidsPatch at the exhibition ''Your magical world''

KidsPatch workshop for the masks and costume making at the at the exhibition ''Your magical world'' in collaboration with Goethe Institute Belgrade and Children's Cultural Centre.

Children's Cultural Center Belgrade and the Goethe Institute conceived specially designed for primary school children, through interactive exhibition accompanied with many workshops in the field of fine and applied art, fairy games and competitions.

More than 1000 children over the course of 12 days, had the opportunity to participate in various activities and make costumes and figures from fairy tales and real characters, stories and landscapes of fairy tales in various techniques (comics, cartoons, animation, clay, painting techniques).

In addition to the many artists, the children worked with the students of the Faculty of Philology - Department of the German language, and art teachers of the Children's Cultural Center Belgrade.

KidsPatch je i ovoga puta sarađivao sa brojnim mladim lokalnim umetnicima kao što su: FatKidBeny, EmaEmaEma, Weedzor, Nikola Prijić.