KidsPatch Festival - 4th Belgrade edition

This year's workshops, exhibitions and concerts were presented at the Kids Cultural Center Majdan.

As part of our international program we were investigating the fields of character design, robotics, electronic music and live animation, with guest artists from Norway (3753% Tørdal) and France (Le Club des Chats), as well as many local young artists and illustrators from the region, including Fat Kid Beny, Stefan Unković, Nikola Prijić, Weedzor, D-bend Studio and many others.

We have continued the collaboration with the Futurianz collective, as well as with Animanima Festival from Čačak, with the screening of a selection of animated shorts for kids.

In tandem with the artists, the kids have played within the process of realizing their creative expression from idea to presentaton. This year's activities were intended for slightly older children than before, for ages from 6 to 13.

This autumn we have managed to enrich Belgrade's offering of contemporary, creative educational programs for children, with the support of Fund for an open society, Cultural department of the City of Belgrade and Ministry of Culture of Serbia, as well as the main partner - Kids Cultural Center Majdan.

The public program was presented on Sunday, October 23rd.

Le Club des Chats (FR) - Rock&Animals performance/concert
3753% Tørdal (NO) - Robot PAPP presentation
LUNOtikz (RS/ME) - exhibition
Tagtool - live drawing and animation
Animanima - selection of animation shorts for kids

Le Club des Chats is the audio-visual duo from Paris active in the fields of DIY (do-it-yourself) culture. Together with the kids, through improvisation and play they have dealt with the possibilities of specific sounds. The idea of the workshop is for the kids to record their first mini-album and experience and present their musical inclinations. Beside playing and singing, the young participants had a chance to prepare the artwork for their first music release.
Robot PAPP
3753% Tordal is an artistic collective from the small town of Tordal in Norway. In Belgrade they presented a project based on connecting character design and robotics. PAPP is a small, frigthened robot which reacts to the world surrounding him. The kids met Papp and had the opportunity to creatively develop his character, as well as the space in which he is moving.
Luno is the first vinyl DIY artoy developed in Serbia. It was created by artists and designers from the Futurianz collective. Luno is a toy, a designed character with a body, but no expression. Togethe with a group of artists and illustrators, the children created their own, special imagination-land LUNO, and presented them in a group exhibition.