KidsPatch Festival Belgrade - the "Zero" edition

The first KidPatch program ever was put up in 2008, as a two-day event comprised of music workshops and a final concert - both for and by kids! Moderated by Serbian and Dutch artists. October 2008.

A "pilot event" celebrating "New children's creativity" has been produced as part of the 8th edition of Dis-patch Festival, as a 2-day event comprised of two music workshops and concerts, for and by kids.

25 children ages 5-12 took part in an instrument-building workshop and a specially prepared electronic music workshop. All of the children performed in front of an audience on the final presentation day. The feedback from the young participants, the parents, the media and visitors was excellent, and provided additional motivation to move forward towards the intended full version of the project in 2009/10.

The program was held in collaboration with, and at the venue of Children's Cultural Center in Belgrade. Workshops were held by Lukatoyboy (RS), and Staalplaat Sound System (NL/DE).

Belgrade Philharmechanic Youth Orchestra
Kids made musical instruments through simple modification of mixers, vacuum cleaners and house appliances alike. 
First part of activity was devoted to developing and building instruments, while the second one was focused on playing and presenting them in a special concert.
Touching Sound and Music
The workshop provides an insight into the possibilities of creating music with simple and inexpensive electronic instruments and devices, using portable consoles such as Nintendo DS, mini-Korg synthesizers and Kaoss pads. Live performance called ''Eye on the Bread'' was organized by the children themselves, as a result of the exercises done during the workshop, as well as a group improvisation with all of the participants playing together.