KidsPatch at Joshua Tree Festival, Mojave Desert

A two-day KidsPatch showcase was a part of the ViceVerse Tour program presented at the Joshua Tree Festival, held in the Mojave Desert, California (USA)

Our ViceVerse showcase reached the Joshua Tree Music Festival compound in the Mojave Desert in California, where we presented various programs such as live performances, concerts and a two-day KidsPatch program in the so called Kidsville are of the festival. Kids had amazing opportunity to ride the mini train and to make music, color on the Pictoplasma wall by the pond and to try out the Tagtool digital drawing tool.


KidsPatch Music Workshop
Kids were playing with simple electronic instruments, recording and manipulating their voices. They were encouraged to improvise and play together in different formations releasing their creativity.
dOOdlerz Inc
This workshop is conceived with the idea to inspire kids to explore potentials of visual expression in the spirit and context of collective creation, by utilizing the so-called Tagtool methodology. The tagtool is a DIY instrument accompanied by an open-source software and is intended for live performance drawing and animation action.