KidsPatch at The Knot project in Bucharest

The Knot is a mobile platform for artistic presentation and production, which in 2010 travelled to Berlin, Warsaw and Bucharest. A KidsPatch showcase was part of the Bucharest program. November 2010.

In each of the three cities, The Knot mobile unit stops for a few weeks, inhabiting different areas of public space, and offering itself as an open space for encounters, exchange and experimentation.

KidsPatch was a part of the showcase program from Belgrade which was presenting different kinds of activities and projects. Three days' program consisted of "Soundscapes" afternoons presented by DJ sets from Relja Bobić (RS) and Kate Lesta (USA), a live performance presenting the Blind Tape Quartets project by Lukatoyboy (RS), cooking session by Luka Knežević-Strika (RS) and ViceVerse photo exhibition by Sam Campbell (USA).

Through music, voice manipulation and team doodling we spent a very nice KidsPatch afternoon with the playful Roma kids who were visiting The Knot programs in on of the most beautiful parks of Bucharest.


Touching Sound & Music
This workshop provides insight into the possibilities for creating music with simple and inexpensive electronic instruments and devices such as mics, synthesizers and Kaoss pads.