KidsPatch on the ViceVerse Tour_PHASE 2 EUROPA

Workshops were organized in Slovenia, Macedonia, Germany and Sweden.

In the first phase of the tour, realized across the USA in Spring 2010, the team visited 15+ cities and realized more than 20 various events - from established festival appearances to small, DIY project spaces and community initiatives on both American coasts.

The second phase, took place around Europe in May and June 2011 an in a similar manner. The ViceVerse crew went to Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Germany, France, Holland, Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia and Sweden, Content was presented through the showcase of different concerts, exhibitions, workshops, installations and DJ sets. Artists featured on this tour were: WoO, DuckTape, Lukatoyboy, D Numbers, Supersize She, Fat Kid Beny, DJ Moodswinger and many guest artists.

KidsPatch was presented through visual and music workshops in places like Ljubljana at Kino Siska and in Cerkno, small mountain town in Slovenia. Also it was organized in Skopje Macedonia, Leipzig (DE), Malmo and Gothenburg (SE).