Showcase at Elevate Festival in Graz

KidsPatch was invited to participate with two workshops at the Elevate Festival for contemporary music and political discourse in Graz, Austria. October 2010.

Collaboration between two festivals, Dis-patch from Belgrade and Elevate from Graz, started in Belgrade in October 2010. This peculiar exchange of program continued through the guest appearance of Dis-patch festival at the Elevate Festival. Various DJs and live performances where presented together with the exhibition and a presentation of the ViceVerse project. KidsPatch workshops were also a part of this showcase.

Through promoting the idea of collaboration, teamwork, fun, doodling, drawing and music making KidsPatch workshops at Elevate showed what the performative creative process is all about! Kids were making fun 3D masks, playing with electronic instruments and modulating their voices. The children also had chance to explore the Tagtool instrument for live drawing and animation.

Program facilitators: Lukatoyboy (RS), Nana Radenkovi─ç (RS) and Kate Lesta (US)

Special thanks goes out to Chris Hessle!

Touching Sound and Music
The workshop is developed by the Belgrade-based artist Lukatoyboy. He presents innovative and playful use of Nintendo DS and GameBoy consoles, as well as small synthesizers, live voice manipulation and electronic sound.
Do_dlerz Inc.
The workshop is conceived with the idea to inspire kids to explore potentials of visual expression in the spirit of collaboration. Through mask making and explorations of the Tagtool methodology - a DIY controller accompanied by an open source software - it is intended for live performance drawing and animation. Kids were able to experience new ways of visual communication and story telling.