Stop motion + 3D interaction with Sweatshoppe (USA)

The duo Sweatshoppe from New York City (USA) is a multimedia-performance collective. They were a part of the KidsPatch Creative Lab at the Biennial of the Americas in Denver. July 2010.

Sweatshoppe works at the intersection of art, music and technology. They presented their audio visual project in the live program series of the Biennial of the Americas, curated by Kate Lesta.

The duo developed software to construct a fully interactive performance, creating unique ways of affecting an audienc - be it music, live drawing, animation or interactive video set-ups for the live stage. Sweatshoppe is constantly pushing the boundaries of technology and art, and this time will present hybrid creations to a young audience ready to be amazed and immersed!


Sweatshoppe action
Very playful and inspiring two days with Sweatshoppe guys where kids had chance to draw, color, dance, do digital painting and make music, and all that in 3D!