ViceVerse + KidsPatch in Philadelphia!

The workshop in Philadelphia (USA) was organized together with The Bright Lights Initiative, which aims to promote cultural awareness by teaching the kids through participatory methods.

A non-profit group called The Bright Lights Initiative runs programs for elementary aged school children in Philadelphia that aims to promote literacy, cultural awareness and a desire to learn.The program was organized in the Cecil B. Moore Recreation Center in North Philadelphia the area that was pretty run-down and maybe a tough place for kids to grow up. We have had opportunity to work and play with amazing kids creative, open and very communicative.

Much of the success of the Bright Lights Initiative can be attributed to a lady named Anne Guise, who was part of the civil rights movement and has traveled to Africa with the Bright Lights to teach them about their cultural heritage.

You can read more about our wonderful experience in Philadelphia on our Tour blog

KidsPatch Music Workshop
Kids were playing with simple electronic instruments, recording and manipulating their voices. They were encouraged to improvise and play together in different formations, releasing their creativity and exchanges. At the end of the session, we organized a small concert and performance for the parents.
dOOdlerz Inc
This workshop is conceived with the idea to inspire kids to explore potentials of visual expression in the spirit and context of collective creation, by using the so-called Tagtool methodology. The <a href="http://www.tagtool.org/">Tagtool</a> is a DIY instrument accompanied by an open-source software and is intended for live performance drawing and animation action.