Workshop with Jeronimo Hagerman (MX)

Taking part in the main exhibition of the Biennial of the Americas, Jeronimo Hagerman from Mexico City investigates the notion of “exotica”, and our capability to imagine new landscapes. July 2010.

Jeronimo Hagerman from Mexico City extended his presence at the Biennial of the Americas by further investigating the notion of “exotica” and our capabilities to imagine landscapes and eco-systems we can only dream about, based on pure imagination, common perceptions or the images we usually see in the media or travel documentaries. Either way, tickling children’s imagination and letting them express their notions of hidden and unknown areas of imagination.

Exploration of Exotic Worlds
Through collages made out of old photographs, magazine cut-outs, paper or even plants themselves - kids offered new shapes to our own notions of distant lands and their floral characteristics. New creatures, islands, and undiscovered areas of imagination were emerging right in front of our eyes.