KidsPatch celebrates New Children’s Creativity!

KidsPatch is a platform for support, development and promotion of children's creativity and innovation, and it was created in 2008 as a logical upgrade of Dis-patch festival, which is then for seven years in a row, through concerts, installations, exhibitions, workshops and talks presented to the regional audience the latest trends in the field of contemporary art and culture.

It is conceived as an innovative laboratory, a mini-festival on the movein the form of interactive workshops, screenings, presentations and performances through direct collaboration with creatives, designers, artists and innovators in the field of music, graphic art, architecture, new media and technology.
Through the game and work directly with artists children have the opportunity to acquire new skills and gain insight into the process of designing, drafting, implementation and presentation of ideas that arise as part of the engagement team.
 The programs we have organized in the orphanage in the White within the festival "Synesthesia", the Festival Sajeta in Slovenia as well as Kinookus Film Festival in Croatia.
KidsPatch is part of a European network of Bamboo, which aims to support the production, promotion and distribution of contemporary art practices aimed at children. The initiator of the project is the Festival Uovo Kids in Milan, in addition to our organization are part of this network and organizations from London, Lyon and Louvain.
which consists of series of activities for kids, prevailently in the fields of contemporary music, graphic art, performance and new media. It is a 100% participatory program which utilizes an intuitive and forward-thinking approach to children’s creative education within the context of arts and culture.

Working closely with the artists, children are discovering many new skills, while also developing peculiar sensibilities in regard to the processes of creation and presentation of creative content. In most of the cases, the results are immediately visible and are presented as an integral part of the program - in the form concerts, exhibitions, activity areas, installations, performances and screenings.

The concept has been internationally presented at festivals such as TodaysArt (The Hague, NL) and Unsound (New York, Krakau), as well as the Communikey Festival (Boulder, USA) in 2009. KidsPatch is also one of the main features of the CMKY/Dis-patch collaborative tour entitled ViceVerse; workshops were held at various locations across the USA, including the Missoula Children’s Museum, the Gray Area Foundation for the Arts in San Francisco, the Joshua Tree Music Festival or the Bright Lights intiative in Philadelphia, and will continue to be an integral part of all future VV guest programs. In July 2010, KidsPatch was featured at the inaugural Biennial of the Americas in Denver, and later the same year was part of The Knot project in Bucharest and Elevate festival in Graz. In 2011. we were program partners with New Era and Mikser festivals from Belgrade. KidsPatch participated in the Sound&Visions festival from Majdanpek in Eastern Serbia, and was part of the ViceVerse phase 2 tour in Europe and programs for kids were organized in Slovenia, Macedonia, Germany and Sweden.

Our wish and determination is to continue to develop intriguing projects in collaboration with international artists, as well bringing those programs to the kids around the world, and to focus on working with specific and/or marginalized groups of children.