KidsPatch at ✚✚✚

✚✚✚ (plusplusplus) is a 48-hour non-stop musical and social experience in a forest location 150 km south of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. The new event production is initiated by Dis-patch Collective, which was behind the acclaimed festival of the same name (2002-2010), as well as two leading Belgrade underground clubs – Drugstore and 20/44.
Limited to 300 visitors, ✚✚✚ is an (environmentally) sustainable and non-profit event aiming to offer a new, synergetic musical and social experience in a particular outdoor, forest context. The idea behind ✚✚✚ is to incite new, refreshing situations, social constellations and a shared cultural space, engaging local communities and participatory spirit. The event will have no corporate sponsorship nor branding at the location, relying solely on bar and ticket sales, which are limited to 300 visitors only.